• Molecular Dissociation

Inanimate matter crumbles rapidly under your touch. Even dead organic material quickly melts into a puddle of putrescence. No challenge is necessary to use this power. For each turn that you maintain contact with an object, it ages a full year. Using this power reduces wood or organic matter to a rotted morass quickly, and it can weaken even metal or plastic with enough time. If you break contact with object, the accelerated aging ceases. Any decrepitude that you inflict on something is permanent, though. Although you can age the flesh of a vampire with this power, such a tactic has no functional effect. Vampire do not suffer any changes or decrepitude from this aging, as their supernaturally preserved corpses are immune to such treatment.

System : Spend 1 blood to activate Molecular Dissociation. This power remains active for a scene. Note ; This power affects your clothing as well… Better wear some asbestos.

Focus [Wits] : You may spend 1 blood and use a standard action to destroy a wooden stake that is currently piercing your heart. This is an exception to the rule that prevents a character from spending Blood or taking actions while staked.

• Spontaneous Regeneration

Cockroach keep on living without head for week. You have learned and adapted your newfound power and turned it into a way to survive.

System : When you take damage that results in marking off boxes in your Incapacitated wound track, you immediately heal 1 point of damage—normal or aggravated—and immediately regain 1 spent Willpower. You then apply the damage. Spontaneous Regeneration does not require an action, but once triggered, it cannot be triggered again for five minutes.

Focus [Wits] : You heal 3 points of damage—normal or aggravated—rather than the standard 1.

••• Nucleosynthesis

Having learn how to break matter and modify yourself, you now have learned how to temporarily affect a small item.

System : Spend one point of Blood and use a simple action to transform an item into any substance of your choosing, such as silver, wood, or cold iron. The item must be small enough to hold in your hands, such as a sword or a brick. You may even transform this item or weapon into a common element or energy, such as solid iceor blazing fire. You remain immune to any damage from this transformation regardless of the material or element chosen, unless you purposely injure yourself. When a weapon is transformed using this power, it gains the Strange Composition quality. All damage done with it inflicts aggravated damage on creatures that are vulnerable to this material and other associated effects, such as silver to werewolves. In addition, your weapon also gains the Balanced quality. These two qualities don’t count towards the mundane limitation on equipment qualities. This transformation lasts for 10 minutes.

Focus [Intelligence] : Your weapon also gains the Brutal quality. These three total qualities do not count towards the mundane limitation on equipment qualities. As a reminder, you cannot benefit from the same quality twice.

•••• Radiation Sickness

You have now learned to weaponize you condition, thickening your saliva and fouling your breath with noxious odor. Your fangs lengthen and become coated with a mottled black and brown plaque, reminiscent of disease and decay, though your bite is as strong as ever. Your fangs become capable of delivering a concentrated disease, which can kill humans, and which inhibits regenerative powers.

System : Spend 1 point of Blood and expend your simple action to fill your mouth with a disgusting cocktail of supernatural sickness and toxins, as your teeth, saliva, and breath become foul. For the next hour, when you successfully damage a target with a bite attack, she immediately becomes diseased. The disease infects the target’s blood and immune systems, inhibiting her ability to regenerate for the next five minutes. If a diseased target has the regeneration ability, the target’s current regeneration level is reduced by one, starting at the beginning of the next Everyman round. Multiple uses of Radiation Sickness do not reduce the target’s regeneration further, but do extend the duration of the original penalty by an additional five minutes. Radiation Sickness cannot cause a target’s regeneration to fall below 0. Radiation Sickness disease affects targets without the ability to regenerate as a virility 15 blood-targeting toxin. For such targets, Radiation Sickness does not fade after its normal duration; instead, the disease persists until the toxin is resisted or treated, or the target runs out of blood, as per the standard rules for drugs and toxins.

Focus [Wits] : Your Crawling Poison increases in potency to a virility 20 blood-targeting toxin and reduces your target’s regeneration level by 2, instead of 1.

••••• Atomic Fire

Having mastered your radioactive body, you can now throw a ball of sickening radiation. Where it strikes your enemies, horrific burns result. Within moments, the burnt flesh twists and morphs into ghastly mutations, causing your victims’ own bodies to betray them in combat.

Test Pool : Mental attribute + Athletic skill versus the target’s Physical attribute + Dodge

System : Making a hurling gesture, spend 1 point of Blood and expend your standard action to make an opposed challenge against a target within 20 steps of your location, using your Mental attribute + Subterfuge skill versus your target’s Mental attribute + Willpower. If you succeed, your target is struck by what appears to be a large ball of green-colored fire, which smells of ammonia and ozone. Your target takes 2 points of aggravated damage. Further, the burns caused by the Atomic Fire mutate into small deformities, such as bulging blood-shot eyes, pus-filled nodules, patches of scales, or grotesque tentacles. These mutations cause your target’s body to move inefficiently for three turns, causing a -3 wild card penalty to all of your target’s attack test pools. The mutations dissolve after three turns, but the damage persists as normal. Atomic Fire can be used repeatedly against a target; however,subsequent successful Atomic Fire attacks in the same combat only cause aggravated damage. This is an exception to the rule that prohibits a character from using a Mental power on the same target immediately after failing. Subsequent successful uses of Atomic Fire, regardless of whether or not they stem from the same source or multiple characters, increase the target’s mutation penalties for another three turns, but the penalty remains at -3. Atomic Fire mutation penalties cannot be applied multiple times; successful subsequent uses only increase the duration, not the amount, of the penalty.

Focus [Intelligence] : Your Atomic Fire causes 3 points of aggravated damage