• The Insect

A Crawler, a small insect. You have developed a way to squirm and crawl across any surface and in any hole large enough for your head.

System : Expend 1 point of blood  and use a simple action to activate The Insect. For the next hour, you can climb any surface, no matter how slippery or flimsy, moving at your normal speed even under extreme conditions, such as inclement weather. You have absolute balance and easily cling to any surface, defying gravity without effort. Further, you are able to fit through any opening that is large enough to accommodate your head.

Focus [Perception] : A Perception-focused Crawler automatically detects poisons, radiation, toxins, and disease within 15 steps of her.

• Bug’s nest

The Crawler have adapted to urban sprawl and learned to make their homes in the rough parts of the dead land. Security can be difficult to find in a destroyed environment, especially near raiders—there’s always the possibility that someone will sneak up on you to steal your stuff or put a knife in your back. With the help of this power, you can create a temporary safe haven, shielding you from the eyes of both the mundane and the supernatural.

Test Pool : Mental attribute + Awareness skill versus target’s Mental attribute + Willpower

System : Spend 1 point of Blood and expend a standard action to ward an enclosed area, up to 1,000 square feet, against intrusion. Individuals outside of the warded area will avoid it and forget that it exists for one hour per dot of the Subterfuge skill that you possess. Anyone who is inside of the affected area when the power is activated remains unaffected by this power for its duration.

To create an effective Bug’s nest, the target area must be closed off when the power is activated. All windows and doors that open to spaces outside of the warded area must be closed, and any outward-facing openings larger than your fist must be blocked—boarded up, stuffed with paper, or otherwise sealed. Once you activate Bug’s nest, doors and windows may be opened and closed without breaking the ward. An individual can only have one Bug’s nestin existence at a time. If you create a new Bug’s nest, the first one is destroyed. Humans will subconsciously convince themselves that this location does not exist, even if they witness something unusual. For example, if a normal human sees someone walking out of a building affected by Bug’s nest, she will convince herself that the person had been standing on a nearby street corner, instead of emerging from the building. Supernatural creatures who witness an event that implies the location’s existence may make an opposed test using their Mental attribute + Awareness skill versus the user’s Mental attribute + Willpower. If a witness succeeds, she ignores the effect of the Bug’s nestfor the rest of its duration. If a witness fails this Mental challenge, she will justify the incident and continue to ignore the warded area.

Characters with Auspex, or similar powers, may attempt a challenge to see through anBug’s nestwhen they come within line of sight of the warded area, whether or not they witness something strange. Characters that are extremely familiar with the warded location are immune to the effects of this power. For example, you cannot use this power to keep a man out of his own house, place of work, etc.

Focus [Perception] : The duration of your Bug’s nest is one day per dot of the Subterfuge skill that you possess. Additionally, every time a person who has never entered this ward before crosses its boundary, you hear a small signal that is only audible to you.

••• Crawler’s Fortitude

Crawler are known to be hardy survivor and explorer, able to make long and dangerous journeys others would deem impossible. This power is partially responsible for that reputation. With this power, you are able to navigate unerringly between two points. You are able to sense and avoid obstacles in your way, be they physical, mystical, or even political.

Test Pool : None

System : Spend 2 point of Blood and expend a standard action to fortify yourself with this power for a journey. When activated, this power lasts for a number of days equal your dots in the Survival skill, or until you arrive, whichever duration is shortest. You need not be familiar with your destination, but it must be a place you can locate on a map. While this power is active, you do not need to sleep or rest until you arrive at your destination. You will not tire or grow hungry, and can proceed at your top speed throughout your travels. Throughout this time, you also possess an unerring sense of the distance and direction to your destination; you cannot get lost regardless of confusing terrain or periphery effects, a lack of landmarks, or any other feature of the territory. In the case of powers such as Bug’s nest, which supernaturally hide your destination, you will close to within a 10-minute walk of the location before finding yourself unexpectedly lost. This power persists as long as you are progressing towards your destination. You may stop briefly—up to five minutes per hour—to feed, converse, or give directions. However, if you delay any longer, the effects of this power end, even if time remains on the power’s duration. When this power ends, any hunger or fatigue you would have accumulated from the length of your travel affects you after 10 minutes have passed. During this time, you will find yourself parched and ravenous if you have neglected feeding, and likely exhausted. If their message is urgent, most vampire will seek to deliver arrive at their destination before this occurs. While guided by Crawler’s Fortitude, you and those you are with have an easier time traveling. You are able to find routes that are easier to navigate, have fewer tolls, or take you through friendlier territory.

Focus [Intelligence] : You can activate this power and share it’s benefits with up to your dot in survival person.

•••• Spider’s web

Like a Spider, you have developed a way to ensnare your target in a web of lies without people realising it. You’ve learned to you steal from your enemy, even while theywatch. If you succeed, they will forget they ever owned it for a time.

Test Pool : Social attribute + Streetwise skill or Physical attribute + Brawl skill versus target’s Physical attribute + Dodge skill

System : Spend 1 point of Blood and expend a standard action. You can use the Disarm combat maneuver without spending Willpower to do so; this combat maneuver must be immediately used against your target in an opposed challenge. During the challenge, you have the choice between using either the standard test pool of your Physical attribute + Brawl skill or Spider’s web test pool of your Social attribute + Streetwise skill versus your target’s Physical attribute + Dodge skill. If you succeed, you automatically steal one item from your target, rather than simply force your enemy to drop it, as described in the Disarm combat maneuver. If you fail, it becomes apparent that you attempted to steal from your target and that you made use of a power to do so. If you succeed, you confuse and befuddle your target and any observers witnessing the theft, removing any memory that you stole from her. In addition, the target completely forgets that she was carrying the stolen object, making a mental justification, such as that she left it at home, let you borrow it, or that you somehow have a similar or duplicate object. This memory block of the theft dissolves after 1 hour, or until your target regains the object. Recording devices show that you stole the object normally, but your victims and those who personally observed the theft refuse to believe that you caused the theft until the duration of the memory block passes. Recorded footage viewed by others who were not present when the power was activated will witness events as they happened. If you use Spider’s webto steal a living being or supernatural creature from your target, such as taving a baby from a mother, the memory-block aspect of the power fails to work, as the power can’t befuddle memories about living beings.

Exceptional Success : If you score an exceptional success when using Spider’s web, the duration of the memory block extends to 24 hours.

Focus [Intelligence] : The duration of the memory block doubles, increasing to two hours, instead of the standard one hour, or to 48 hours if you score an exceptional success.

••••• Shared Resourses

Crawler understand what it means to be down and out. They believe strongly in the strength of the community and in lending a hand to others, because you never know when you will be the one down on your luck. With this power, a Crawler can mystically lend Blood, health levels, or another power to an ally, helping her in her time of need.

System : Spend 1 point of Blood and expend a standard action to temporarily transfer some of your power to a willing Vampire who is within one step of your location. This transference lasts for the next five minutes. You may end this power at any time by expending a simple action, thus potentially taking the ability away from the recipient before she can use it. Shared Resources cannot target humans, ghoul, or supernatural creatures who are not Vampire. When you activate this power, choose one of the following effects:

▸Share Powers : Select one of your powers (other than Shared Resources) and target a recipient. For the duration of this power, you lose access to that power; your target can use that power as though she had purchased it. When necessary, the target must use her own resources, such as Blood, actions, etc., to utilize the power.

▸Share Blood : Select a number of your unspent points of Blood. You lose access to these Blood points; your target’s Blood pool increases by the amount you lost. Blood loaned in this way can exceed the target’s maximum Blood pool. When the recipient spends Blood points, the loaned Blood is always removed first, before the target spends any of her inherent Blood. When Shared Resources expires, any loaned Blood that the target did not spend returns to you, and your Blood pool returns to its normal maximum.

▸Share Health Levels : Select a number of your Healthy or Injured health levels that are not currently damaged. You lose access to these health levels; your target’s health levels increase by the amount you lost. Note that the nature of these loaned health levels does not change. For example, if you give your target 2 Injured health levels, she would have 3 Healthy and 5 Injured health levels, instead of the standard 3 Healthy and 3 Injured health levels. Loaned health levels are always marked off before marking off a target’s standard health levels. Health levels that are loaned to a Stock NPC are considered generic health levels. If you loan 1 or more health levels to an individual who is currently unconscious, the target immediately regains consciousness. If any of your loaned health levels are damaged when this power ends, they remain damaged, with the same type of damage, when they return to you. No character can receive benefits from more than one application of Shared Resources at a time. If a character is a willing target of a second application of Shared Resources before the first application expires, the older application immediately ends.

Focus [Perception] : When you activate Shared Resources, you may choose to utilize two of the listed effects instead of just one.