• Predator’s Prowl

Nothing can bar your entry from those places you wish to enter. You are able to slip past the most sophisticated locks and obstacles in search of secrets, lore or prey. Such is your killer instinct that you can even pass through solid objects, if you desire.

System : Expend 1 point of Blood and use your standard action to align yourself with the world. For the next five minutes, you can travel through any obstruction that bars your path—locks open, security systems deactivate, and cameras malfunction, allowing you ingress. You may even walk through solid objects that impede you, although you are still vulnerable to harm, per normal, and can still be the target of combat attacks. While this power eliminates your scent and removes any footprints you may leave behind, it does not render you invisible. This power does not function when you are grappled, handcuffed, or otherwise restrained. In addition, it only functions when you are unobserved. This power only functions for the purpose of entry; escape is another matter altogether. If the user of this power wishes to leave a given location, she must do so using other powers or through mundane means.

Note : This power only functions for the purpose of entry. NO EXCEPTION.

Focus [Perception] : While your Predator’s Prowl is active, you may see through solid objects by spending a simple action to do so. Nothing less than lead lining, or a two foot-thick span of concrete will impede your vision.

• Hunter’s wisdom

Flesh has memory, and you have learned how to take advantage of this fact to find new prey and quench a bit of your hunger.

System : Expend 1 point of Blood and use your standard action to begin feeding on dead eye. This flesh must belong to a corpse or to another non-living creature, such as a zombie or a vampire. If the eye is from a non-living creature, the creature must also be immobilized. When you feed on the flesh, you heal 2 levels of normal damage and receive a vision of the target’s death from her perspective. Additionally, you may learn one piece of information about the target’s life from the following list:

What type of creature is/was the target?

What emotions was the target feeling at the time of her death?

What was her profession when she was living or motile?

What were the target’s merits/flaws? You must consume the right eye to learn merits, and the left eye to learn flaws.

What was the target’s highest/lowest trait category? You must consume the right eye to learn the highest category, and the left eye to learn the lowest category.

What was the target’s greatest triumph/deepest regret?

You must consume the right eye to learn the greatest triumph, and the left eye to learn the deepest regret. You must choose between eating either your target’s right or left eye, and you cannot benefit from eating both. If you feed on your target’s right eyeball, the answers to the above questions will reflect the positive nature of the corpse’s life. If you feed on the left eyeball, the answers to the above questions will reflect the negative details of the corpse’s death. For example, eating the right eye of a fallen warrior might reveal that he fought valiantly in his final moments, saving his friends. However, eating the warrior’s left eye might reveal that he died supporting a failing cause, hopelessly outnumbered. Predator must alternate between eating left and right eyes. If they feed from the same eye consecutively, they gain a temporary derangement based on their last meal. This derangement lasts until the Predator takes a new meal using Hunter’s Wisdom. Furthermore, a Predator using Hunter’s Wisdom is immune to the effects of any poison, toxic substance, or drug currently afflicting the target. If you feed from a vampire, you still benefit from Hunter’s Wisdom, but you cannot be blood-bound by using this power; your power turns the flesh to dust in your mouth.

Focus [Perception] : You may choose to learn a second piece of information regarding the target, choosing again from list of questions above.

••• Sirius’s Hunt

You’ve learned to adapt your beast to help you track. As a wolf, you can track your prey from miles away by scent alone. You can mystically enhance your own sense of smell, tracking your quarry to the end of the world and beyond.

Test Pool : Mental attribute + Investigation skill versus target’s Mental attribute + Stealth skill

System : Spend 1 point of Blood and expend your standard action opening your senses to your prey’s distinct qualities. To attempt Sirius’s Hunt, you must be in a location where the target has also been within the last 24 hours and be familiar with her. If you succeed in an opposed challenge, you sense your target’s exact direction. For the next hour, you can use this instinctual knowledge to track the target until you see her. Sirius’s Hunt does not provide you with any specific information about the location where your target is, but you can sense her approximate distance and exact direction. If the target is currently hidden via supernatural powers, such as Obfuscate, then you can track the target to her general location before losing the mystical connection. If this happens, it becomes obvious to you that the target is hiding with supernatural powers. This power can track your prey anywhere on Earth and beyond within its hour-long limit. Afterwards, you must test again to regain the scent. If you fail any attempt to use Sirius’s Hunt, then you cannot attempt to track the same target again until 24 hours have passed. If the target benefits from a supernatural power that removes familiarity, then the mystical connection breaks and the power fails.

Exceptional Success : If you achieve an exceptional success when activating Sirius’s Hunt, the power’s duration extends to five hours.

Focus [Perception] : You can use this power if your target has been through your current location anytime within the last week.

•••• Dominion

Your capacity to project dominance is not limited merely to social hierarchies. You may assume dominion over the land itself, confounding the senses of all within. Any who would seek to navigate or leave must first challenge you for superiority. Those who fail cannot escape; they are doomed to wander aimlessly until they find themselves your prey.

Test Pool : Mental attribute + Survival skill versus target’s Mental attribute + Willpower

System : Spend 1 point of Blood and spend three standard actions meditating to flood the area with chaotic energies. For the next hour, any navigation within a two-mile radius of you fails, and non-supernatural tracking is ineffective. Anyone who does not have familiarity with the area, finds themselves hopelessly lost, even with the best of directions. Even fixed points of reference, such as road signs or GPS technology fail—this power befuddle the target’s perception of landmarks or her ability to mentally process information from technology.

If someone has familiarity with a building or specific place within the area, they may find it normally, such as a vampire’s Haven or a human’s place of employment. Such individuals may lead others to these locations without issue. Navigation within small spaces, such as buildings, remains unaffected. Anyone who seeks to navigate out of the affected area or find a specific location without having familiarity with it must first defeat you in an opposed challenge. Those who lose become hopelessly lost, and they cannot attempt to leave or find a location in the area for another 15 minutes or until the power ends. If multiple parties are traveling in a group, only a single member who is making the decisions can attempt this test. If she loses, the entire group is considered to have lost, and must wait to attempt again.As the user of this power, you may track and navigate normally, leaving the area if you desire. If others follow, they may proceed normally without the need to test. Only one application of this power can be active in an area. If another individual activates this power in an overlapping area, both users must make an opposed challenge, each using their Mental attribute + Survival skill as the test pool. The winner of that challenge assumes dominion over the contested area until her power ends.

Focus [Wits] : Should anyone fail the opposed challenge to leave your affected zone, you become aware of them, and you may immediately attempt a tracking challenge to find them.

••••• Orion’s Grasp

When you face your prey, as your grasp is tightening around their neck, they must not flee or fight back. You developed a power that strip away the power of your quarry.

Test Pool : Mental attribute + Occult skill versus target’s Mental attribute + Willpower

System : Spend 1 point of Blood and expend your standard action concentrating on the supernatural nature of your target. If you succeed in an opposed challenge against her, you steal one of your target’s powers away from her. This stolen power becomes immediately inaccessible to your victim, locked away in her heart, and it cannot be used for the next hour. In order to strip a power in this fashion, you don’t need to know the power’s name, but you must be aware of the power or have personally seen it used. If the power is already active, it immediately ends, even if that power would otherwise be automatic or always active. Orion’s Grasp can be used multiple times in order to rob a target of more than one power, so long as you pay this power’s cost and succeed in opposed challenges separately for each use. If you choose to strip a power the victim does not possess, this power has no effect. You do not need to speak to use Orion’s Grasp, but you must have your target’s Gaze and Focus. Your victim immediately identifies you as the individual who has affected her with Orion’s Grasp, and she is also aware of which power she has lost.

Exceptional Success : If you achieve an exceptional success when stealing a power with Orion’s Grasp, you can utilize the stolen power once, as though you had purchased the power normally. If this power has a continual or unlimited effect, you may receive its benefit exactly once in a challenge. This single use of the stolen power can occur anytime during Orion’s Grasp’s hour-long duration.

Focus [Wits] : Orion’s Grasp can be used to strip away a power native to another creature type, such as abilities possessed by werewolf or fae. If you steal powers from other supernatural creatures, you fuel those powers with your Blood.