• Upgrade

You form a symbiotic bond with a device, creating a highly versatile tool. One bonded, you can quickly adjust the item’s components to suit any situation. These changes require no tools and happen in the blink of an eye. We call this “Mod,” using the slangterm derived from the verb modify.

System : Spend 2 point of blood and use a toolkit to tinker with an item for an hour, adding components and forming a bond with the object. The item must be mechanical or electrical in nature. A computer or a revolver would suffice, but a sword or a hammer would not. Additionally, the item cannot be larger than an automobile. When touching your bonded Mod, you can activate this discipline to exchange one existing equipment quality for another of the appropriate category. Spend 1 point of blood and use a simple action to adjust one of the item’s components. The change lasts until you switch it back or exchange the new quality for something else. When changing configurations, you cannot alter or acquire the Antique, Artisan, Masterwork qualities, or any Technological Device applications. You can only create combinations of qualities that are compatible; for example, Spread is not compatible with Automatic or Long Range. Also, you cannot apply qualities that are reserved for twohanded weapons to a one-handed Mod. You can only have a number ofMods at a time up to the number of dots you possess of the Science skill; bonding a different item relinquishes your connection to the first, rendering it inert. An abandoned Mod will not function and is beyond repair, unless it is re-bonded to someone using this discipline.

Focus [Intelligence] : Your expert design is more compact than usual. You can apply qualities reserved for two-handed ranged weapons to a one-handed Mod.

• Diagnostic

Initiates of the Technica discipline learn to tap into the fundamental truth behind a device. With a touch, you can project your perceptions into a device and glean an understanding of its purpose, the principles of its technology, and how to operate it. Diagnostic does not grant permanent knowledge, only a momentary flash of insight, which fades within minutes.

System : To activate Diagnostic, you must touch a technological device, spend 1 Blood, and use your standard action. Thereafter, you project your consciousness into the device, granting you temporary, but comprehensive, understanding of its purpose, the principles of its functioning, and its means of operation. In this manner, you can touch a computer and learn its specifications, touch an alarm and know under what conditions it will sound, or touch a car and determine its condition, top speed, and so forth. All but the basic knowledge gained through the use of Diagnostic fades at sunrise, unless the user has perfect recall or enhanced memory. A user of Technica can preserve such information, if he takes the time and effort to write it all down.

Focus [Intelligence] : Diagnostic can also be used to understand a digital technological innovation, allowing you to read software and electronic files but only if the information is not protected or encrypted.. For example, you can read the entire file contained on a flash drive, know all of the software installed on a computer, or peruse a cell phone’s recent caller list — all without turning the devices on.

••• Ghost in the Machine

You can focus on a machine’s systems and take control of the device’s operation from a distance. This power exploits your personal connexion and knack with machine, giving it subliminal commands through your connection. Once it is under your sway, you can use the machinery without touching it. More importantly, you can operate the device without using the proper interface. This power lets you use a computer as though you were sitting at its keyboard or open a lock as though you had the right key.

Test Pool : Special, see below

System : Spend 1 point of Blood and use a simple action to enter a state of communion with the an electrical or mechanical device. For the next hour or until the object leaves your line of sight, you can use actions to operate the machine without touching it. You can make the machine do anything that falls within its normal range of operation—anything a normal human could do with the right authorization and tools, short of breaking the device. You can manipulate the object as though you were touching it: flipping levers, unbolting doors, pulling triggers, and so on. You can also affect internal workings in ways that normally require a separate interfacing device. For example, if a key would normally be required, you can operate the machine as though you are using the correct item. Ghost in the Machine does not require a challenge to implement, but once you have joined your consciousness with the machine, that machine might require separate static or opposed challenges to operate. For example, while controlling a computer, the Storyteller might require static Mental challenges with the Computer or Technology skill to hack into other terminals in the network. Running over a fleeing victim with a driverless car might require an opposed Physical challenge using the Drive skill. Use the same type of challenge and invoke the same test pool and action requirements that would be called for if you were operating the device normally. Your control of a machine does not preclude another person from using it at the same time, whether that person is a normal operator or someone else with this power. If you close a door or engage the safety on a gun, nothing prevents someone else from opening the door or disengaging the safety a moment later. Some machine can’t be affected by this power. This power can only affect one device at a time; if you choose to affect a second target, your first use of Ghost in the Machine ends. For larger issues, you never need more than a single downtime action to repair a machine.

Focus [Perception] : The moment you establish a connection with a machine, you instantly diagnose any problems with the machine, such as low fuel reserves, faulty RAM components, or rust-locked gears. Most problems can be quickly addressed, provided you have the right tools and materials.

••• Disrupt Technology

Before the fall, humanity was not able to live without machine. The bombs and EMP changed that.  With this power, you can recreate short localize magnetic surge that temporarily shut down electronics and others mechanical device.

System : Spend 1 point of blood and expend a standard action to use Disrupt Technology on any electronic device, such as a mobile phone, computer, or camera; or mechanical device, such as a vehicle, clock, or gun; that is within 20 steps of you. The targeted device ceases to function properly for the next five minutes, or until you release it from your influence. This power can only affect one device at a time; if you choose to affect a second device, your first use of Disrupt Technology ends. You cannot target simple equipment, such as a hammer, screwdriver, or knife, with this power.

Focus [Intelligence] : Your uses of Disrupt Technology last for one hour instead of five minutes. Furthermore, you can maintain a number of applications of Disrupt Technology equal to the number of dots you possess of the Academics skill.

••••• Omnitech

You have the ability to sense an electronic device in your area that you know the exact location and access it via Omnitech, as long as you remain within 1,000 feet of it.

System : Spend 1 Blood and use your simple action to activate Omnitech. For the next five minutes, you can access all electronic device that you know the exact location, within your immediate area. You can utilize any of your Technica powers on these devices without the need to touch or see a targeted object, so long as you remain within 1,000 feet of it.

Focus [Perception] : Once activated, Omnitech lasts for an hour instead of the standard five minutes.