Touched by an Angel (2 point merit) – Salubri

The healing powers of the Salubri are a boon to their Kindred allies, but these powers are miraculous to everyday mortals suffering from pain, injury, and disease. You’ve become especially adept at aiding them while still blending in and maintaining the Masquerade. Whenever you use an Obeah power for the benefit or defense of a non-supernatural mortal, the target automatically assumes you are a lesser figure associated with whatever religion the target practices, and she keeps your actions and existence secret. In the case of secular or atheistic witnesses, they acknowledge you (perhaps grudgingly) as a benign supernatural creature or perhaps as an extraordinary human with psychic powers, preserving the Masquerade as well. This benefit does not apply if targets witness you acting to harm another character, excepting circumstances when you are obviously acting in someone’s defense. In addition, you have built up goodwill to the point that your community not only keeps your secrets, but also actively assists you above and beyond expectations. Each game session, the first time you use your Contacts and Allies backgrounds, you do not expend them, allowing you to use them again. Once per game session, you may also seek refuge in any community of the wastelands by spending a downtime action to gain the temporary use of the Territory background. Treat this background as though it had a 2-dot rating, with the Location and Security advantages. This territory lasts until the next game session.