• Upgrade


You form a symbiotic bond with a device, creating a highly versatile tool. One bonded, you can quickly adjust the item’s components to suit any situation. These changes require no tools and happen in the blink of an eye. We call this “Mod,” using the slang term derived from the verb modify.

System : Spend 2 point of blood and use a toolkit to tinker with an item for an hour, adding components and forming a bond with the object. The item must be mechanical or electrical in nature. A computer or a revolver would suffice, but a sword or a hammer would not. Additionally, the item cannot be larger than an automobile. When touching your bonded Mod, you can activate this discipline to exchange one existing equipment quality for another of the appropriate category. Spend 1 point of blood and use a simple action to adjust one of the item’s components. The change lasts until you switch it back or exchange the new quality for something else. When changing configurations, you cannot alter or acquire the Antique, Artisan, Masterwork qualities, or any Technological Device applications. You can only create combinations of qualities that are compatible; for example, Spread is not compatible with Automatic or Long Range. Also, you cannot apply qualities that are reserved for twohanded weapons to a one-handed Mod. You can only have a number of Mods at a time up to the number of dots you possess of the Science skill; bonding a different item relinquishes your connection to the first, rendering it inert. An abandoned Mod will not function and is beyond repair, unless it is re-bonded to someone using this discipline.

Focus [Intelligence] : Your expert design is more compact than usual. You can apply qualities reserved for two-handed ranged weapons to a one-handed Mod.

• Diagnostic

Initiates of the Technica discipline learn to tap into the fundamental truth behind a device. With a touch, you can project your perceptions into a device and glean an understanding of its purpose, the principles of its technology, and how to operate it. Diagnostic does not grant permanent knowledge, only a momentary flash of insight, which fades within minutes.

System : To activate Diagnostic, you must touch a technological device, spend 1 Blood, and use your standard action. Thereafter, you project your consciousness into the device, granting you temporary, but comprehensive, understanding of its purpose, the principles of its functioning, and its means of operation. In this manner, you can touch a computer and learn its specifications, touch an alarm and know under what conditions it will sound, or touch a car and determine its condition, top speed, and so forth. All but the basic knowledge gained through the use of Diagnostic fades at sunrise, unless the user has perfect recall or enhanced memory. A user of Technica can preserve such information, if he takes the time and effort to write it all down.

Focus [Intelligence] : Diagnostic can also be used to understand a digital technological innovation, allowing you to read software and electronic files, but only if the information is not protected or encrypted. For example, you can read the entire file contained on a flash drive, know all of the software installed on a computer, or peruse a cell phone’s recent caller list — all without turning the devices on.

••• Ghost in the Machine

You can focus on a machine’s systems and take control of the device’s operation from a distance. This power exploits your personal connexion and knack with machine, giving it subliminal commands through your connection. Once it is under your sway, you can use the machinery without touching it. More importantly, you can operate the device without using the proper interface. This power lets you use a computer as though you were sitting at its keyboard or open a lock as though you had the right key.

Test Pool : Special, see below

System : Spend 1 point of Blood and use a simple action to enter a state of communion with the an electrical or mechanical device. For the next hour or until the object leaves your line of sight, you can use actions to operate the machine without touching it. You can make the machine do anything that falls within its normal range of operation—anything a normal human could do with the right authorization and tools, short of breaking the device. You can manipulate the object as though you were touching it: flipping levers, unbolting doors, pulling triggers, and so on. You can also affect internal workings in ways that normally require a separate interfacing device. For example, if a key would normally be required, you can operate the machine as though you are using the correct item. Ghost in the Machine does not require a challenge to implement, but once you have joined your consciousness with the machine, that machine might require separate static or opposed challenges to operate. For example, while controlling a computer, the Storyteller might require static Mental challenges with the Computer or Technology skill to hack into other terminals in the network. Running over a fleeing victim with a driverless car might require an opposed Physical challenge using the Drive skill. Use the same type of challenge and invoke the same test pool and action requirements that would be called for if you were operating the device normally. Your control of a machine does not preclude another person from using it at the same time, whether that person is a normal operator or someone else with this power. If you close a door or engage the safety on a gun, nothing prevents someone else from opening the door or disengaging the safety a moment later. Some machine can’t be affected by this power. This power can only affect one device at a time; if you choose to affect a second target, your first use of Ghost in the Machine ends. For larger issues, you never need more than a single downtime action to repair a machine.

Focus [Perception] : The moment you establish a connection with a machine, you instantly diagnose any problems with the machine, such as low fuel reserves, faulty RAM components, or rust-locked gears. Most problems can be quickly addressed, provided you have the right tools and materials.

••• Disrupt Technology

Before the fall, humanity was not able to live without machine. The bombs and EMP changed that.  With this power, you can recreate short localize magnetic surge that temporarily shut down electronics and others mechanical device.

System : Spend 1 point of blood and expend a standard action to use Disrupt Technology on any electronic device, such as a mobile phone, computer, or camera; or mechanical device, such as a vehicle, clock, or gun; that is within 20 steps of you. The targeted device ceases to function properly for the next five minutes, or until you release it from your influence. This power can only affect one device at a time; if you choose to affect a second device, your first use of Disrupt Technology ends. You cannot target simple equipment, such as a hammer, screwdriver, or knife, with this power.

Focus [Intelligence] : Your uses of Disrupt Technology last for one hour instead of five minutes. Furthermore, you can maintain a number of applications of Disrupt Technology equal to the number of dots you possess of the Academics skill.

••••• Omnitech

You have the ability to sense an electronic device in your area that you know the exact location and access it via Omnitech, as long as you remain within 1,000 feet of it.

System : Spend 1 Blood and use your simple action to activate Omnitech. For the next five minutes, you can access all electronic device that you know the exact location, within your immediate area. You can utilize any of your Technica powers on these devices without the need to touch or see a targeted object, so long as you remain within 1,000 feet of it.

Focus [Perception] : Once activated, Omnitech lasts for an hour instead of the standard five minutes.



• Molecular Dissociation


Inanimate matter crumbles rapidly under your touch. Even dead organic material quickly melts into a puddle of putrescence. No challenge is necessary to use this power. For each turn that you maintain contact with an object, it ages a full year. Using this power reduces wood or organic matter to a rotted morass quickly, and it can weaken even metal or plastic with enough time. If you break contact with object, the accelerated aging ceases. Any decrepitude that you inflict on something is permanent, though. Although you can age the flesh of a vampire with this power, such a tactic has no functional effect. Vampire do not suffer any changes or decrepitude from this aging, as their supernaturally preserved corpses are immune to such treatment.

System : Spend 1 blood to activate Molecular Dissociation. This power remains active for a scene. Note ; This power affects your clothing as well… Better wear some asbestos.

Focus [Wits] : You may spend 1 blood and use a standard action to destroy a wooden stake that is currently piercing your heart. This is an exception to the rule that prevents a character from spending Blood or taking actions while staked.

• Spontaneous Regeneration

Cockroach keep on living without head for week. You have learned and adapted your newfound power and turned it into a way to survive.

System : When you take damage that results in marking off boxes in your Incapacitated wound track, you immediately heal 1 point of damage—normal or aggravated—and immediately regain 1 spent Willpower. You then apply the damage. Spontaneous Regeneration does not require an action, but once triggered, it cannot be triggered again for five minutes.

Focus [Wits] : You heal 3 points of damage—normal or aggravated—rather than the standard 1.

••• Nucleosynthesis

Having learn how to break matter and modify yourself, you now have learned how to temporarily affect a small item.

System : Spend one point of Blood and use a simple action to transform an item into any substance of your choosing, such as silver, wood, or cold iron. The item must be small enough to hold in your hands, such as a sword or a brick. You may even transform this item or weapon into a common element or energy, such as solid ice or blazing fire. You remain immune to any damage from this transformation regardless of the material or element chosen, unless you purposely injure yourself. When a weapon is transformed using this power, it gains the Strange Composition quality. All damage done with it inflicts aggravated damage on creatures that are vulnerable to this material and other associated effects, such as silver to werewolves. In addition, your weapon also gains the Balanced quality. These two qualities don’t count towards the mundane limitation on equipment qualities. This transformation lasts for 10 minutes.

Focus [Intelligence] : Your weapon also gains the Brutal quality. These three total qualities do not count towards the mundane limitation on equipment qualities. As a reminder, you cannot benefit from the same quality twice.

•••• Radiation Sickness

You have now learned to weaponize you condition, thickening your saliva and fouling your breath with noxious odor. Your fangs lengthen and become coated with a mottled black and brown plaque, reminiscent of disease and decay, though your bite is as strong as ever. Your fangs become capable of delivering a concentrated disease, which can kill humans, and which inhibits regenerative powers.

System : Spend 1 point of Blood and expend your simple action to fill your mouth with a disgusting cocktail of supernatural sickness and toxins, as your teeth, saliva, and breath become foul. For the next hour, when you successfully damage a target with a bite attack, she immediately becomes diseased. The disease infects the target’s blood and immune systems, inhibiting her ability to regenerate for the next five minutes. If a diseased target has the regeneration ability, the target’s current regeneration level is reduced by one, starting at the beginning of the next Everyman round. Multiple uses of Radiation Sickness do not reduce the target’s regeneration further, but do extend the duration of the original penalty by an additional five minutes. Radiation Sickness cannot cause a target’s regeneration to fall below 0. Radiation Sickness disease affects targets without the ability to regenerate as a virility 15 blood-targeting toxin. For such targets, Radiation Sickness does not fade after its normal duration; instead, the disease persists until the toxin is resisted or treated, or the target runs out of blood, as per the standard rules for drugs and toxins.

Focus [Wits] : Your Crawling Poison increases in potency to a virility 20 blood-targeting toxin and reduces your target’s regeneration level by 2, instead of 1.

••••• Atomic Fire

Having mastered your radioactive body, you can now throw a ball of sickening radiation. Where it strikes your enemies, horrific burns result. Within moments, the burnt flesh twists and morphs into ghastly mutations, causing your victims’ own bodies to betray them in combat.

Test Pool : Mental attribute + Athletic skill versus the target’s Physical attribute + Dodge

System : Making a hurling gesture, spend 1 point of Blood and expend your standard action to make an opposed challenge against a target within 20 steps of your location, using your Mental attribute + Subterfuge skill versus your target’s Mental attribute + Willpower. If you succeed, your target is struck by what appears to be a large ball of green-colored fire, which smells of ammonia and ozone. Your target takes 2 points of aggravated damage. Further, the burns caused by the Atomic Fire mutate into small deformities, such as bulging blood-shot eyes, pus-filled nodules, patches of scales, or grotesque tentacles. These mutations cause your target’s body to move inefficiently for three turns, causing a -3 wild card penalty to all of your target’s attack test pools. The mutations dissolve after three turns, but the damage persists as normal. Atomic Fire can be used repeatedly against a target; however,subsequent successful Atomic Fire attacks in the same combat only cause aggravated damage. This is an exception to the rule that prohibits a character from using a Mental power on the same target immediately after failing. Subsequent successful uses of Atomic Fire, regardless of whether or not they stem from the same source or multiple characters, increase the target’s mutation penalties for another three turns, but the penalty remains at -3. Atomic Fire mutation penalties cannot be applied multiple times; successful subsequent uses only increase the duration, not the amount, of the penalty.

Focus [Intelligence] : Your Atomic Fire causes 3 points of aggravated damage



• The Insect

A Crawler, a small insect. You have developed a way to squirm and crawl across any surface and in any hole large enough for your head.

System : Expend 1 point of blood  and use a simple action to activate The Insect. For the next hour, you can climb any surface, no matter how slippery or flimsy, moving at your normal speed even under extreme conditions, such as inclement weather. You have absolute balance and easily cling to any surface, defying gravity without effort. Further, you are able to fit through any opening that is large enough to accommodate your head.

Focus [Perception] : A Perception-focused Crawler automatically detects poisons, radiation, toxins, and disease within 15 steps of her.

• Bug’s nest


The Crawler have adapted to urban sprawl and learned to make their homes in the rough parts of the dead land. Security can be difficult to find in a destroyed environment, especially near raiders—there’s always the possibility that someone will sneak up on you to steal your stuff or put a knife in your back. With the help of this power, you can create a temporary safe haven, shielding you from the eyes of both the mundane and the supernatural.

Test Pool : Mental attribute + Awareness skill versus target’s Mental attribute + Willpower

System : Spend 1 point of Blood and expend a standard action to ward an enclosed area, up to 1,000 square feet, against intrusion. Individuals outside of the warded area will avoid it and forget that it exists for one hour per dot of the Subterfuge skill that you possess. Anyone who is inside of the affected area when the power is activated remains unaffected by this power for its duration.

To create an effective Bug’s nest, the target area must be closed off when the power is activated. All windows and doors that open to spaces outside of the warded area must be closed, and any outward-facing openings larger than your fist must be blocked—boarded up, stuffed with paper, or otherwise sealed. Once you activate Bug’s nest, doors and windows may be opened and closed without breaking the ward. An individual can only have one Bug’s nest in existence at a time. If you create a new Bug’s nest, the first one is destroyed. Humans will subconsciously convince themselves that this location does not exist, even if they witness something unusual. For example, if a normal human sees someone walking out of a building affected by Bug’s nest, she will convince herself that the person had been standing on a nearby street corner, instead of emerging from the building. Supernatural creatures who witness an event that implies the location’s existence may make an opposed test using their Mental attribute + Awareness skill versus the user’s Mental attribute + Willpower. If a witness succeeds, she ignores the effect of the Bug’s nest for the rest of its duration. If a witness fails this Mental challenge, she will justify the incident and continue to ignore the warded area.

Characters with Auspex, or similar powers, may attempt a challenge to see through anBug’s nestwhen they come within line of sight of the warded area, whether or not they witness something strange. Characters that are extremely familiar with the warded location are immune to the effects of this power. For example, you cannot use this power to keep a man out of his own house, place of work, etc.

Focus [Perception] : The duration of your Bug’s nest is one day per dot of the Subterfuge skill that you possess. Additionally, every time a person who has never entered this ward before crosses its boundary, you hear a small signal that is only audible to you.

••• Crawler’s Fortitude

Crawler are known to be hardy survivor and explorer, able to make long and dangerous journeys others would deem impossible. This power is partially responsible for that reputation. With this power, you are able to navigate unerringly between two points. You are able to sense and avoid obstacles in your way, be they physical, mystical, or even political.

Test Pool : None

System : Spend 2 point of Blood and expend a standard action to fortify yourself with this power for a journey. When activated, this power lasts for a number of days equal your dots in the Survival skill, or until you arrive, whichever duration is shortest. You need not be familiar with your destination, but it must be a place you can locate on a map. While this power is active, you do not need to sleep or rest until you arrive at your destination. You will not tire or grow hungry, and can proceed at your top speed throughout your travels. Throughout this time, you also possess an unerring sense of the distance and direction to your destination; you cannot get lost regardless of confusing terrain or periphery effects, a lack of landmarks, or any other feature of the territory. In the case of powers such as Bug’s nest, which supernaturally hide your destination, you will close to within a 10-minute walk of the location before finding yourself unexpectedly lost. This power persists as long as you are progressing towards your destination. You may stop briefly—up to five minutes per hour—to feed, converse, or give directions. However, if you delay any longer, the effects of this power end, even if time remains on the power’s duration. When this power ends, any hunger or fatigue you would have accumulated from the length of your travel affects you after 10 minutes have passed. During this time, you will find yourself parched and ravenous if you have neglected feeding, and likely exhausted. If their message is urgent, most vampire will seek to deliver arrive at their destination before this occurs. While guided by Crawler’s Fortitude, you and those you are with have an easier time traveling. You are able to find routes that are easier to navigate, have fewer tolls, or take you through friendlier territory.

Focus [Intelligence] : You can activate this power and share it’s benefits with up to your dot in survival person.

•••• Spider’s web

Like a Spider, you have developed a way to ensnare your target in a web of lies without people realising it. You’ve learned to you steal from your enemy, even while theywatch. If you succeed, they will forget they ever owned it for a time.

Test Pool : Social attribute + Streetwise skill or Physical attribute + Brawl skill versus target’s Physical attribute + Dodge skill

System : Spend 1 point of Blood and expend a standard action. You can use the Disarm combat maneuver without spending Willpower to do so; this combat maneuver must be immediately used against your target in an opposed challenge. During the challenge, you have the choice between using either the standard test pool of your Physical attribute + Brawl skill or Spider’s web test pool of your Social attribute + Streetwise skill versus your target’s Physical attribute + Dodge skill. If you succeed, you automatically steal one item from your target, rather than simply force your enemy to drop it, as described in the Disarm combat maneuver. If you fail, it becomes apparent that you attempted to steal from your target and that you made use of a power to do so. If you succeed, you confuse and befuddle your target and any observers witnessing the theft, removing any memory that you stole from her. In addition, the target completely forgets that she was carrying the stolen object, making a mental justification, such as that she left it at home, let you borrow it, or that you somehow have a similar or duplicate object. This memory block of the theft dissolves after 1 hour, or until your target regains the object. Recording devices show that you stole the object normally, but your victims and those who personally observed the theft refuse to believe that you caused the theft until the duration of the memory block passes. Recorded footage viewed by others who were not present when the power was activated will witness events as they happened. If you use Spider’s webto steal a living being or supernatural creature from your target, such as taving a baby from a mother, the memory-block aspect of the power fails to work, as the power can’t befuddle memories about living beings.

Exceptional Success : If you score an exceptional success when using Spider’s web, the duration of the memory block extends to 24 hours.

Focus [Intelligence] : The duration of the memory block doubles, increasing to two hours, instead of the standard one hour, or to 48 hours if you score an exceptional success.

••••• Shared Resourses

Crawler understand what it means to be down and out. They believe strongly in the strength of the community and in lending a hand to others, because you never know when you will be the one down on your luck. With this power, a Crawler can mystically lend Blood, health levels, or another power to an ally, helping her in her time of need.

System : Spend 1 point of Blood and expend a standard action to temporarily transfer some of your power to a willing Vampire who is within one step of your location. This transference lasts for the next five minutes. You may end this power at any time by expending a simple action, thus potentially taking the ability away from the recipient before she can use it. Shared Resources cannot target humans, ghoul, or supernatural creatures who are not Vampire. When you activate this power, choose one of the following effects:

▸Share Powers : Select one of your powers (other than Shared Resources) and target a recipient. For the duration of this power, you lose access to that power; your target can use that power as though she had purchased it. When necessary, the target must use her own resources, such as Blood, actions, etc., to utilize the power.

▸Share Blood : Select a number of your unspent points of Blood. You lose access to these Blood points; your target’s Blood pool increases by the amount you lost. Blood loaned in this way can exceed the target’s maximum Blood pool. When the recipient spends Blood points, the loaned Blood is always removed first, before the target spends any of her inherent Blood. When Shared Resources expires, any loaned Blood that the target did not spend returns to you, and your Blood pool returns to its normal maximum.

▸Share Health Levels : Select a number of your Healthy or Injured health levels that are not currently damaged. You lose access to these health levels; your target’s health levels increase by the amount you lost. Note that the nature of these loaned health levels does not change. For example, if you give your target 2 Injured health levels, she would have 3 Healthy and 5 Injured health levels, instead of the standard 3 Healthy and 3 Injured health levels. Loaned health levels are always marked off before marking off a target’s standard health levels. Health levels that are loaned to a Stock NPC are considered generic health levels. If you loan 1 or more health levels to an individual who is currently unconscious, the target immediately regains consciousness. If any of your loaned health levels are damaged when this power ends, they remain damaged, with the same type of damage, when they return to you. No character can receive benefits from more than one application of Shared Resources at a time. If a character is a willing target of a second application of Shared Resources before the first application expires, the older application immediately ends.

Focus [Perception] : When you activate Shared Resources, you may choose to utilize two of the listed effects instead of just one.



• Predator’s Prowl

Nothing can bar your entry from those places you wish to enter. You are able to slip past the most sophisticated locks and obstacles in search of secrets, lore or prey. Such is your killer instinct that you can even pass through solid objects, if you desire.

System : Expend 1 point of Blood and use your standard action to align yourself with the world. For the next five minutes, you can travel through any obstruction that bars your path—locks open, security systems deactivate, and cameras malfunction, allowing you ingress. You may even walk through solid objects that impede you, although you are still vulnerable to harm, per normal, and can still be the target of combat attacks. While this power eliminates your scent and removes any footprints you may leave behind, it does not render you invisible. This power does not function when you are grappled, handcuffed, or otherwise restrained. In addition, it only functions when you are unobserved. This power only functions for the purpose of entry; escape is another matter altogether. If the user of this power wishes to leave a given location, she must do so using other powers or through mundane means.

Note : This power only functions for the purpose of entry. NO EXCEPTION.

Focus [Perception] : While your Predator’s Prowl is active, you may see through solid objects by spending a simple action to do so. Nothing less than lead lining, or a two foot-thick span of concrete will impede your vision.

• Hunter’s wisdom

Flesh has memory, and you have learned how to take advantage of this fact to find new prey and quench a bit of your hunger.

System : Expend 1 point of Blood and use your standard action to begin feeding on dead eye. This flesh must belong to a corpse or to another non-living creature, such as a zombie or a vampire. If the eye is from a non-living creature, the creature must also be immobilized. When you feed on the flesh, you heal 2 levels of normal damage and receive a vision of the target’s death from her perspective. Additionally, you may learn one piece of information about the target’s life from the following list:

What type of creature is/was the target?

What emotions was the target feeling at the time of her death?

What was her profession when she was living or motile?

What were the target’s merits/flaws? You must consume the right eye to learn merits, and the left eye to learn flaws.

What was the target’s highest/lowest trait category? You must consume the right eye to learn the highest category, and the left eye to learn the lowest category.

What was the target’s greatest triumph/deepest regret?

You must consume the right eye to learn the greatest triumph, and the left eye to learn the deepest regret. You must choose between eating either your target’s right or left eye, and you cannot benefit from eating both. If you feed on your target’s right eyeball, the answers to the above questions will reflect the positive nature of the corpse’s life. If you feed on the left eyeball, the answers to the above questions will reflect the negative details of the corpse’s death. For example, eating the right eye of a fallen warrior might reveal that he fought valiantly in his final moments, saving his friends. However, eating the warrior’s left eye might reveal that he died supporting a failing cause, hopelessly outnumbered. Predator must alternate between eating left and right eyes. If they feed from the same eye consecutively, they gain a temporary derangement based on their last meal. This derangement lasts until the Predator takes a new meal using Hunter’s Wisdom. Furthermore, a Predator using Hunter’s Wisdom is immune to the effects of any poison, toxic substance, or drug currently afflicting the target. If you feed from a vampire, you still benefit from Hunter’s Wisdom, but you cannot be blood-bound by using this power; your power turns the flesh to dust in your mouth.

Focus [Perception] : You may choose to learn a second piece of information regarding the target, choosing again from list of questions above.

••• Sirius’s Hunt


You’ve learned to adapt your beast to help you track. As a wolf, you can track your prey from miles away by scent alone. You can mystically enhance your own sense of smell, tracking your quarry to the end of the world and beyond.

Test Pool : Mental attribute + Investigation skill versus target’s Mental attribute + Stealth skill

System : Spend 1 point of Blood and expend your standard action opening your senses to your prey’s distinct qualities. To attempt Sirius’s Hunt, you must be in a location where the target has also been within the last 24 hours and be familiar with her. If you succeed in an opposed challenge, you sense your target’s exact direction. For the next hour, you can use this instinctual knowledge to track the target until you see her. Sirius’s Hunt does not provide you with any specific information about the location where your target is, but you can sense her approximate distance and exact direction. If the target is currently hidden via supernatural powers, such as Obfuscate, then you can track the target to her general location before losing the mystical connection. If this happens, it becomes obvious to you that the target is hiding with supernatural powers. This power can track your prey anywhere on Earth and beyond within its hour-long limit. Afterwards, you must test again to regain the scent. If you fail any attempt to use Sirius’s Hunt, then you cannot attempt to track the same target again until 24 hours have passed. If the target benefits from a supernatural power that removes familiarity, then the mystical connection breaks and the power fails.

Exceptional Success : If you achieve an exceptional success when activating Sirius’s Hunt, the power’s duration extends to five hours.

Focus [Perception] : You can use this power if your target has been through your current location anytime within the last week.

•••• Dominion

Your capacity to project dominance is not limited merely to social hierarchies. You may assume dominion over the land itself, confounding the senses of all within. Any who would seek to navigate or leave must first challenge you for superiority. Those who fail cannot escape; they are doomed to wander aimlessly until they find themselves your prey.

Test Pool : Mental attribute + Survival skill versus target’s Mental attribute + Willpower

System : Spend 1 point of Blood and spend three standard actions meditating to flood the area with chaotic energies. For the next hour, any navigation within a two-mile radius of you fails, and non-supernatural tracking is ineffective. Anyone who does not have familiarity with the area, finds themselves hopelessly lost, even with the best of directions. Even fixed points of reference, such as road signs or GPS technology fail—this power befuddle the target’s perception of landmarks or her ability to mentally process information from technology.

If someone has familiarity with a building or specific place within the area, they may find it normally, such as a vampire’s Haven or a human’s place of employment. Such individuals may lead others to these locations without issue. Navigation within small spaces, such as buildings, remains unaffected. Anyone who seeks to navigate out of the affected area or find a specific location without having familiarity with it must first defeat you in an opposed challenge. Those who lose become hopelessly lost, and they cannot attempt to leave or find a location in the area for another 15 minutes or until the power ends. If multiple parties are traveling in a group, only a single member who is making the decisions can attempt this test. If she loses, the entire group is considered to have lost, and must wait to attempt again.As the user of this power, you may track and navigate normally, leaving the area if you desire. If others follow, they may proceed normally without the need to test. Only one application of this power can be active in an area. If another individual activates this power in an overlapping area, both users must make an opposed challenge, each using their Mental attribute + Survival skill as the test pool. The winner of that challenge assumes dominion over the contested area until her power ends.

Focus [Wits] : Should anyone fail the opposed challenge to leave your affected zone, you become aware of them, and you may immediately attempt a tracking challenge to find them.

••••• Orion’s Grasp

When you face your prey, as your grasp is tightening around their neck, they must not flee or fight back. You developed a power that strip away the power of your quarry.

Test Pool : Mental attribute + Occult skill versus target’s Mental attribute + Willpower

System : Spend 1 point of Blood and expend your standard action concentrating on the supernatural nature of your target. If you succeed in an opposed challenge against her, you steal one of your target’s powers away from her. This stolen power becomes immediately inaccessible to your victim, locked away in her heart, and it cannot be used for the next hour. In order to strip a power in this fashion, you don’t need to know the power’s name, but you must be aware of the power or have personally seen it used. If the power is already active, it immediately ends, even if that power would otherwise be automatic or always active. Orion’s Grasp can be used multiple times in order to rob a target of more than one power, so long as you pay this power’s cost and succeed in opposed challenges separately for each use. If you choose to strip a power the victim does not possess, this power has no effect. You do not need to speak to use Orion’s Grasp, but you must have your target’s Gaze and Focus. Your victim immediately identifies you as the individual who has affected her with Orion’s Grasp, and she is also aware of which power she has lost.

Exceptional Success : If you achieve an exceptional success when stealing a power with Orion’s Grasp, you can utilize the stolen power once, as though you had purchased the power normally. If this power has a continual or unlimited effect, you may receive its benefit exactly once in a challenge. This single use of the stolen power can occur anytime during Orion’s Grasp’s hour-long duration.

Focus [Wits] : Orion’s Grasp can be used to strip away a power native to another creature type, such as abilities possessed by werewolf or fae. If you steal powers from other supernatural creatures, you fuel those powers with your Blood.



• Gorilla Grip

Whether taken by right of conquest or the act of predation, that which a raider seizes, he does not relinquish. This power imparts upon the user the power to hold onto that which is his.

System : Once learned, this power is always active. Any attempt to use the Disarm combat maneuver against you automatically fails, as does any attempt to physically pry an object from your grasp or jaws. In addition, you are immune to any supernatural power that attempts to disarm you. You may still be coerced or deceived into surrendering an item through the use of powers, such Dominate, but no power can cause you to forget about any object you own or that is in your custody. This power only applies to objects that you actively hold. It does not convey any supernatural ability to lift additional weight.

Focus [Wits] : Your grasp is especially tenacious. Any attempt to break free while you are using the Grapple combat maneuver receives a -5 wild card penalty.

• Cheetah’s Leg


Your body changed to be a swift hunter. If you are pursuing an enemy, you can invoke your hunger and fury to increase your speed until you have caught your quarry.

System : Spend 1 point of Blood. For the remainder of the turn, you may add a number of steps equal to your dots of the Athletics skill to your base movement rate. For example, if expending a simple action would typically allow you to take three steps, and you have 4 dots of the Athletics skill, you can take seven steps while under the effect of Pursuit. You must continue to chase your quarry to maintain Cheetah’s Leg; any action that moves you away from your enemy ends all benefits of Cheetah’s Leg.

Focus [Wits] : Any action spent moving towards your enemy now yields an additional three steps in addition to your base movement and Athletics skill. For example, if expending a simple action would typically allow you to take three steps and you have 4 dots of the Athletics skill, while under the effects of Cheetah’s Leg you are able to take 10 steps (3 + 4 + 3).

••• Eagle Eye

Developed during the height of the Wild West era, and rediscovered a few years back, this power inspired many tall tales of gunslingers making impossible shots during a fight. While Eagle Eye is active, if you can see a target, you can always hit it.

System : Spend 1 point of Blood and use your standard action to target a single individual with a firearms, thrown weapon, or non crossbow archery weapon Ranged attack. You automatically hit your target without a challenge, gaining a normal success. Effects that allow an individual to automatically avoid your attack succeed in defending against Eagle Eye, but powers that provide defensive bonuses do not. Alternately, once per turn, you can spend 1 Blood when you achieve a normal success on firearms or athletics attack against a single target. That normal success becomes an exceptional success. The two effects of Eagle Eyecannot be combined. You can use this power to automatically hit, or to turn a normal success into an exceptional success, but you cannot use both effects on the same attack. Eagle Eyecan only be applied to Ranged attacks and cannot be used in conjunction with combat maneuvers. You cannot use Eagle Eyewhen using weapons that attack multiple targets, such as weapons with the Automatic or Spray equipment qualities.

Focus [Intelligence] : As an alternative to the above, you may activate this power to use either the Knockdown or Disarm combat maneuver without spending Willpower to do so. You must use these maneuvers in conjunction with a firearms or thrown weapon attack.

•••• Mockingbird song’s

Not every battle is waged with honor. Glory goes to the victor, and it doesn’t care how dirty the winners’ hands are. You learn to make a humiliating strike against your enemy that distracts her for a short amount of time. As the mockingbird, you are the last to laugh.

Test Pool : Physical attribute + Brawl skill versus target’s Physical attribute + Dodge skill

System : Spent 1 point of Blood and expend a standard action making an opposed Physical challenge to humiliate your target with a strike. This attack must be painful and embarrassing, like a back-handed slap or a devastating shot to the crotch. If you succeed, you deal the normal damage for the attack, and the victim is temporarily dazed for the next turn, until the conclusion of her next action during the next Everyman round. During this time, she loses access to one of her Physical focuses, which the target selects. She also suffers a -3 penalty to her initiative. Although this power requires you to humiliate your target, please bear in mind the comfort of your fellow players when roleplaying the requirements and effects of this power.

Exceptional Success : If you achieve an exceptional success, then your target also loses either her Social or Mental focus, which she selects.

Focus [Intelligence] : The duration of a successful use of Mockingbird song’s extends from one turn to three turns.

••••• Boar’s endurance

When life give you lemon, make lemonade. You learn that every challenge is an opportunity to spring back up. When you are attack, you are surprisingly quick to get back on your feet and hard to kill.

System : When you spend a point of Willpower to retest a challenge related to an incoming attack that could cause you to suffer damage, you may activate this power. Activating this powergrants you a +2 wild card bonus to that Willpower retest. In addition, you immediately heal 3 points of damage, whether normal or aggravated damage (your choice). This power does not require an action to activate and can be activated during Celerity rounds Boar’s endurance may be activated outside of your turn in the initiative order, as long as you meet the power’s requirements. Note that Boar’s endurance cannot be used to augment retests that are not triggered by expending Willpower, such as the retest provided by the Blasé merit.

Focus [Wits] : When you activate Boar’s endurance, you receive a +5 wild card bonus, instead of the standard +2 bonus wild card bonus.



• Masque of Death


This power aids the vampire both in deception and in understanding the differences between a true corpse and a necromantically animated member of the undead. By using the abilities of this power, you can transform yourself into a corpse for a period of time, even using the power to hide among other corpses during extended periods of torpor.

System : Spend 1 point of Blood and use your standard action to transform your physical form into that of a normal corpse. While Masque of Death is active, you are considered to be a mundane corpse. You cannot move, you have no aura, you lose access to all of your vampiric powers (except for the effects of Masque of Death), you do not take damage from sunlight, and you appear to all investigation as a simple, non-magical dead body. A character using Masque of Death is not a true corpse and cannot be targeted by powers that only affect a true corpse.

While Masque of Death is active, you are aware of everything that occurs within five steps of your physical form. You do not take wounds from damage to your body while in this state, and you are immune to staking, but you can be killed if your head is severed or your body is destroyed. Destroying or beheading your corpse in this manner requires the attacker to utilize three standard actions, during which you may choose to end Masque of Death and revert instantly to your physical form. During this reversion, you erase any damage that has been done to your corpse, and your body ejects any stakes or foreign matter.

Masque of Death lasts until you choose to end the power. If a character uses Masque of Death for an extended period of time, her corpse will rot and decay normally but will never entirely lose cohesion. In this manner, she will become as withered and decrepit as any other corpse in a tomb until such time as she awakens. The user of this power can end this effect by spending a simple action.

Focus [Appearance] : Once per turn, while using Masque of Death, you can spend 1 point of Blood to take one simple action, including using that simple action to move. Further, Masque of Death automatically activates if you enter torpor due to damage or if you are staked. Under these circumstances, you are not required to spend 1 Blood or use an action to activate Masque of Death.

•• Resume the Coil

This subtle power allows you to defeat the deep slumber of torpor, drawing yourself or another vampire from those depths.

System : Spend 1 Blood and use your standard action to touch a torpid vampire. The target immediately wakes from torpor. A target awakening from torpor has the same number of health levels as when she entered torpor. Resume the Coil can be used to awaken yourself while you are torpid. This is an exception to the rule that prevents characters from using powers while in torpor.

Focus [Manipulation] : Spend 1 Blood and use your standard action to touch the true corpse of an individual who died within the last 24 hours. The target immediately rises from the dead. Her body reanimates, the soul returns, and she can act normally for the duration of this power. She has no memory of anything that happened since her death, neither on this side of the Shroud nor on the other. While this power lasts, the target cannot be killed, although her body can be destroyed (thus effectively killing her). This power lasts as long as you continue to spend 1 Blood per turn. When Resume the Coil ends, the target irrevocably dies and cannot be resurrected (or Embraced) by any means. Vampires, whether they are undead or have met Final Death, cannot be targeted with this power.

••• Blight

Through mastery of this power, you can infect a victim’s body, giving her a wasting disease that closely resembles the effects of the Black Death. Boils rise on her skin, her flesh rots and sloughs away, and dark, livid black patches of gangrene spread across her body.

Test Pool : Social + Occult versus target’s physical attribute + Willpower

System : Spend 1 Blood, expend your standard action to point dramatically at your target, and then make an opposed challenge using the Mortis test pool. If you succeed, your target contracts a terrible, wasting sickness. Victims of Blight take 1 point of aggravated damage as their flesh rots and falls off in clumps. This damage cannot be reduced or negated. After one hour, your target must make a static test using her Physical attribute + Survival with a difficulty equal to your Mental Attribute + Occult. Because this is a static challenge, you cannot use your Willpower to retest, although the target can do so. If the target fails this challenge, she takes another point of aggravated damage that cannot be reduced or negated. Repeat this process once per hour until the target either succeeds in a challenge (indicating her body has finally resisted the disease), dies, or falls into torpor. Living characters can die from Blight, but vampires stop taking damage from this power once they fall into torpor. If a vampire voluntarily enters torpor before running out of health levels, Blight continues to eat away at her flesh until she runs out of health levels.

Exceptional Success : When you activate this power, the target takes 2 points of aggravated damage rather than 1. Further, the victim suffers 2 points of damage for every static challenge she fails while attempting to resist the disease. This damage cannot be reduced or negated.

Focus [Manipulation] : The static challenge to avoid damage must be made every 10 minutes, rather than every hour.

•••• Reaper’s Passing

The dreaded form of the reaper is never far from a vampire’s soul, and those forced to face the realities of eternity will find it all too filled with the lingering threat of death. Even mortals fear the coming of their inexorable end.

Test Pool : Social + Occult versus target’s social attribute + Willpower

System : Spend 1 Blood and use your standard action to make an opposed challenge using the Mortis test pool. If you succeed, your target experiences a fleeting glimpse of death. Some lucky few see the momentary bliss of heaven, but most experience the horrors of hell or the terrors of utter emptiness. No matter what form this power takes, the victim is briefly incapacitated by her brush with death. The target loses her next standard action. If this power is used twice on a single target, the effects are lessened, as the target is somewhat inured to the shock. If a target has been affected by this power within the last three turns, a second use of this power on that target has no effect.

Exceptional Success : If you score an exceptional success with Reaper’s Passing against a mortal target, that target dies instantly. Supernatural targets survive, but take 3 points of aggravated damage in addition to the normal effect of this power. This damage cannot be reduced or negated.

Focus [Manipulation] : Victims of your successful use of Reaper’s Passing lose both their next standard and their next simple action. If a target has already been affected by Reaper’s Passing within the last three turns, she loses only her next simple action on the second use of this power.

••••• Ex Nihilo

The necromancer who has mastered the Ash Path has also mastered the Shroud. You can cross the border between the Shadowlands and the physical world as easily as others might open a door and step through.

System : By focusing on a familiar destination, spending 1 Blood, and chanting for five full turns, you can travel into and through the Shadowlands. You can bring up to three persons (mortals or other such Retainers) with you on this journey.

Time and distance are subjective in the Shadowlands, and it always takes four hours to arrive at your destination, no matter how far you travel in the real world. You can shorten the time it takes to arrive at your chosen location by sacrificing one of these persons you brought to the Tempest after you enter Ex Nihilo. For each such Retainer you destroy, your journey takes one hour less to complete. If you sacrifice all three of these persons, you reduce your travel time to one hour.

Alternately, you can enter the Shadowlands without intent to travel. Instead, you may lurk beyond the Shroud and spy on the living world. While in the Shadowlands, you see the real world as a hazy shadow of itself. This allows you to have a general understanding of events around you, but it is difficult to pick out details or overhear conversations. Unfortunately, the Medium merit does not work in reverse to allow you to hear and witness the physical world as you would the Shadowlands. A character can return to the physical world by concentrating for five turns. This transition is slow and noticeable, as the individual slowly comes into focus, gaining solidity as she eases her way back through the Shroud.

You cannot bring anyone with you through the Shadowlands, other than your minions or «sacrifices». This power can be particularly dangerous if there are hostile wraiths, such as spectres, in the Shadowlands. Such creatures can attack you while you are on their plane. This encounter is treated in all ways like a normal conflict.

Focus [Manipulation] : In addition to normal uses of this power, you can spend 1 Blood and your standard action to transition into the Shadowlands for a flicker of time. You spend one full turn moving through the Shadowlands, and you exit Ex Nihilo up to 20 steps in any direction from your original location.