Iron Heart (2 point merit) – Brujah

The inscription “Know Thyself” was famously chiseled above the entrance to the Oracle of Delphi: a reminder to those who would seek counsel on their road to greatness. Through many trials, both physical and spiritual, you have come to understand your higher self with a certainty not easily challenged. Your sense of self grants you a special resistance to the Dominate and Presence disciplines, as well as any power or magic that seeks to compel your behavior (such as Thaumaturgy: Path of Corruption). Provided you are able to use Willpower to retest an opposed Social challenge when resisting one of these effects, you can do so without paying the required Willpower cost. This ability does not provide an exception to the rule that only one Willpower retest may be made per challenge. In addition, whenever you use the Assist Attacker or Assist Defender combat maneuver to support another individual, she gains the benefit of Iron Heart as well for the remainder of the turn. You may use the Assist Defender tactic solely to give someone this benefit in response to another character’s use of a Social or Mental against them, though you cannot use the Assist Defender tactic to intercept the power or become its target.