Trusted Confessor (2 point merit) – Lasombra

Since its inception, many Lasombra have held deep ties to the Catholic Church, occupying a number of its influential positions and directing its growth throughout their territories. As part of their duties, these vampires have become especially adept at hearing confession: the ritualized admission and absolution of the confessor’s sin. Whether part of a spiritual tradition, a secular one such as psychotherapy, or simply by being a repository of good advice, you are able to help others unburden themselves of their spiritual weight. By spending at least 10 minutes in discussion, you can cause a character’s Beast traits to reduce by 2, provided she gives you an honest account of what she did to incur them. If you possess the Animal Ken skill, you can use it to remove a third Beast trait, as per the standard ability of the Animal Ken skill. In addition, having heard her confession, you may offer centering and guidance to the target character. If you do, the next time the recipient would incur a Beast trait, she incurs 1 fewer. A character may only benefit from a single application of this ability once per game session. You cannot use this ability on yourself.